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Our Brother Wolf


Wolf Justice League
... and Justice for ALL!

Wolf Sanctuary - Adopt a Wolf Program
Wolf Sanctuary - Adopt a Wolf Program The Adopt-A-Wolf Program is a way in which you can help our wolves and get more personally involved in their care. Adopt-A-Wolf contributions, which are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law, support the care and feeding of our animals and the maintenance of their enclosures. The WCSRC houses red wolves, maned wolves and several subspecies of the gray wolf, including the highly endangered Mexican gray, the Mideastern or Iranian gray. You may choose to adopt an individual animal or a pack of wolves. Adoption benefits include an adoption certificate, a photo of your adopted wolf, periodic and personal updates about your animal from our Animal Care Staff, and membership benefits at our Lone Wolf (individual member) level.


Timber Wolf Information Network - Adopt a Pack
Timber Wolf Information Network - Adopt a Pack
The state of Michigan continues to monitor wolf reports from the public and collects information from carcasses and field biologists. Many citizens, school groups, and classes have expressed a sincere interest in doing their share to help conserve the wolves in Wisconsin and Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Members of the Timber Wolf Information Network (TWIN) have developed The Original Adopt - A - Pack Program to keep people informed and directly involved in the actual recovery effort. Participants will be contributing towards the development of educational materials designed for teachers, citizen groups and families. If you, your group, or family are interested in helping Wisconsin's or Upper Michigan's wolves and learning more about these packs or wolf activity areas, simply fill the application out and return it to the Timber Wolf Information Network.


Defenders of Wildlife - Adoption Program
Defenders of Wildlife - Adoption Program Nine wolf puppies were born near Yellowstone National Park. You can "adopt" one of these wolves! And help provide us with the resources we urgently need to fight the new war on all wolves that is now raging. Another newly reintroduced wolf was found shot to death on a private ranch near Salmon, Idaho, where local residents claimed the wolf had killed a calf. But later, U.S. wildlife authorities discovered that the calf had been stillborn. The wolf had not killed the calf at all. He had simply been scavenging. So you can see that the new Yellowstone wolves need your help to survive. Please, "adopt" a wolf! And help us protect the future for these pups and all the other wolves across America.


Wolf Song of Alaska - Wolf Adoption Program
Wolf Song of Alaska - Wolf Adoption Program Wolf Song of Alaska is a private, non-profit, apolitical organization dedicated to achieving an understanding of the wolf through education and awareness.

You can symbolically "adopt" a wild wolf in Alaska ... you can befriend this magnificent symbol of wildness ... and, you can support the educational programs and projects of Wolf Song of Alaska.


Wolf Haven International - Wolf Adoption Program
Wolf Haven International - Wolf Adoption Program Wolf Haven International was founded as a nonprofit education and scientific corporation in 1982 and is supported entirely by private contributions. Wolf Haven's mission is working for wolf conservation. Are you looking for a unique gift idea? Or are you interested in the joy of just knowing that you're helping a beautiful wolf thrive. Adopting a wolf is easy and fun! NOTE: This site uses frames. So after you enter the site look at the navigation bar on the left hand side of the page and click on "What you can do/adopt a wolf" for the adoption program.)


Wolf Park's Adopt-A-Wolf Program
Help support wolves by becoming a Wolf Sponsor. Through personal updates and extensive biographies wolf sponsors will get to know "their" wolf on a personal level. Our sponsorship program provides a unique opportunity to come to know one of these complex social animals as individuals and to learn more about their lives. This personal bond between a real live wolf and his/her sponsors forms a bridge of concern for wolves in the wild, for which our wolves are ambassadors. Individual sponsors as well as clubs and school groups are supporting wolves. The latter often raise funds through wolf walks and the sale of recycled materials. Teachers often find class sponsorship of a wolf an effective rallying point for promoting interest in wildlife conservation.

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