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World Peace 2000
I am a supporter of the World Peace 2000 organization

spacer Our world is our environment. It is the air we breath, the water we drink and the food we eat. It is where we live, play and love. It is our home -- OUR HOME!!!

If we do not take care of it we will destroy ourselves.

Given that we live in this world and we have been instructed to be stewards of it, I have included in this section links to organizations and groups that I support either actively or in intent. On my page titled "Pathways" are links to organizations I support who understand the concept of stewardship and have put it into practice.

I have always felt a kinship with Our Brother Wolf and have begun a section on wolves on this site. I have included links to sites specifically about wolves. Please check some of them out.
spacer The Sierra Clubspacer The Sierra Club (USA)
The Sierra Club's Mission is to explore, enjoy, and protect the wild places of the earth; to practice and promote the responsible use of the earth's ecosystems and resources; to educate and enlist humanity to protect and restore the quality of the natural and human environment; and to use all lawful means to carry out these objectives.

World Conservation Monitoring Centrespacer World Conservation Monitoring Centre (UK)
The World Conservation Monitoring Centre provides information services on conservation and sustainable use of the world's living resources, and helps others to develop information systems of their own. This site offers timely information such as the "World List of Threatened Trees" and the 1997 "IUCN Red List of Threatened Plants"; access to conservation databases, including maps and statistics on the forests, coasts, species, protected areas, national bio diversity and WCMC bibliographic database; and access to information on the status, value and management of biological diversity; information about international conventions and programmes.

World Conservation Monitoring Centre spacer NatureNet (UK)
Naturenet is a voluntary enterprise to provide a good resource for practical conservation on the Web. While primarily UK based this sites includes references to other countries. Naturenet is intended for those interested in the countryside, its management, and nature conservation, as well as anyone who enjoys visiting the countryside. This includes ecologists, rangers, wardens, volunteers, students, tree wardens, biologists, bird watchers, land agents and farmers. As well as the index of sites there is an up to date reference section giving information about organizations which are involved in this field, and formal designations which are given to reserves, parks and other sites.

Stockholm Environment Institute (Stockholm, Sweden) spacer Stockholm Environment Institute (Sweden)
SEI is an independent, international research institute specializing in sustainable development and environment issues. It works at local, national, regional and global policy levels. The SEI research programme aims to clarify the requirements, strategies and policies for a transition to sustainability. These goals are linked to the principles advocated in Agenda 21 and the Conventions such as Climate Change, Ozone Layer Protection and Biological Diversity

Institute for Environmental Studies University of Wisconsin -Madison The Institute for Environmental Studies
The Institute for Environmental Studies offers a course titled Emerging Issues in Environmental Protection in the Environmental Management and Public Policy Department at the University of Wisconsin offers lots of material from the course and from students involved in the course. Also on site are pages title Environmental Education Projects which describes the projects in which the students at the University are presently involved.

The Ecosystem features full text updates organized by topic from the comprehensive news service of The Environment Digest, the Conservation Foundation's media diary of forthcoming events, and information about The Ecologist magazine.

Institute for Global Communicationsspacer Institute for Global Communications (USA)
IGC is the U.S. member of the Association for Progressive Communications, a global partnership of computer networks that link activists around the world. It is a nonprofit organization that provides alternative sources of information as well as online access and comprehensive Internet services for progressive individuals and organizations. The initial network, PeaceNet was founded in a garage in Palo Alto, California in 1986. Since then, IGC has expanded its capabilities to bring Internet tools and online services to organizations and activists working on peace, economic and social justice, human rights, environmental protection, labor issues and conflict resolution. On this site are the PEACENET | ECONET | WOMENSNET | LABORNET | CONFLICTNET

EnviroLinkspacer EnviroLink (USA)
EnviroLink provides daily environmental news, listings of boycotts throughout the world, a comprehensive list of sources for information on environmental and human rights issues, and a green marketplace listing services and merchandise from environmentally aware companies. This site includes a handy search function to aid in finding the information you want to find.

Earth Island Institutespacer Earth Island Institute (USA)
TheEarth Island Institute develops and supports projects that use education and activism to counteract environmental threats. Issues: sustainable development; biodiversity; restoration; wildlife habitat.

The Natural History Museum (UK)spacer The Natural History Museum (UK)
In 1963 the British Museum (Natural History) became independent with its own trustees, and its name changed later to The Natural History Museum. Today the Museum's collections, gathered from across the globe, represent more than 300 years of scientific collecting and study. The Museum's mission is to maintain and develop its collections and use them to promote the discovery, understanding, responsible use and enjoyment of the natural world.

Society for Conservation Biology (SCB)spacer Society for Conservation Biology (USA)
The Center for Conservation Biology Network, is a non-profit organization located at Rice University which provides services without membership requirements or fees. This international professional organization is dedicated to promoting the scientific study of the phenomena that affect the maintenance, loss, and restoration of biological diversity. The Society's membership comprises a wide range of people interested in the conservation and study of biological diversity: resource managers, educators, government and private conservation workers, and students.

Expedition Link (International)
Expedition Link is a service of the 2111 Foundation for Exploration. The service provides URL links to other sites of interest related to expeditions and exploration endeavor.

Environmental Data Services Ltd (UK)spacer Environmental Data Services Ltd (UK)
ENDS provides accurate and independent intelligence on the environment for anybody with a professional interest in environmental affairs; reports key developments in European environmental affairs; and offers excerpts from the UK's leading environmental journal

The Environmentspacer The Environment
The Mining Co. offers a directory of environmental issues and resources with links to subjects such as Acid Rain, Bio diversity, Climate Change, Endangered Species, Electric Cars, Games/Puzzles, Hazardous Waste, Marine Pollution, Mining/Environment, Nuclear Waste, Organic Gardening, Population, Recycling, Rain Forests, Solar Energy, Trade/Environment, Wetlands, and Whales.

DreamCatchers Incorporatedspacer DreamCatchers Incorporated (USA)
A non-profit, charitable organization founded by the officers of Kifaru Productions to promote cross cultural communications emphasizing social and environmental respect. The organizations work is rooted in the belief that within the spiritual traditions of the ancient cultures of the Americas lie values not only viable in today's world, but absolutely vital to the regeneration of Earth's life cycle. In cooperation with other culturally based organizations, DreamCatchers fosters the creation of documentaries, feature films, educational events and school curriculum which all promote the values of respect for Nature and respect for the people.

International Fund for Animal Welfarespacer International Fund for Animal Welfare
The IFAW was founded in 1969 to stop the cruel commercial slaughter of harp and hood seals. Since then, we have expanded our campaigns to embrace all animals and have been recognized as one of the most effective organizations for animal welfare in the world. They work closely with government leaders, other non-profit organizations and individuals to protect animals from cruelty and preserve their environment. IFAW is a pragmatic but tenacious family of dedicated professionals who believe that animals suffer far too much from commercial exploitation, habitat destruction and outright cruelty.

International Fund for Animal Welfarespacer British Astronomical Association Campaign
for Dark Skies
People have enjoyed looking at the night sky, one of the most beautiful parts of our environment, for thousands of years. Everyone should be able to see stars and planets, our Milky Way galaxy and shooting stars (meteors); but over the last forty years, millions of lights have blotted out the night sky for people living in towns, and even in the countryside road lights and security lights can cause problems for anyone who wants to see the stars. Astronomers call the wasted light that goes up into the sky "Light Pollution". Should we put all the lights out? Of course not. We need light at night for many reasons. The astronomers would like to see BETTER lights which shine downwards where the light is needed and not upwards where it isn't. Good lights are not too bright, and do not blot out the sky; they save energy and give us back something like the dark skies that people enjoyed long ago.

Tellus Institutespacer Tellus Institute (USA)
Tellus Institute is a non-profit research and consulting organization that promotes equitable and sustainable resource management. The Institute studies environment, resource, and development issues, develops and applies analytical methods, strengthens human and institutional capacity and supports government, multi-lateral, and non-governmental institutions and businesses.

First Millennial Foundation (USA & UK)spacer First Millennial Foundation (USA & UK)
An organization dedicated to the colonization of space; how we can build toward the ultimate human destiny of leaving planet Earth and colonizing space. The Millennial Project is based upon the premise that -- scattered throughout the world's population -- the necessary talent, energy, and will exist to migrate Earth's life outward into the Solar System and beyond. The Foundation is dedicated to accomplishing that goal by bringing that dispersed energy, will, and talent into focus on the work that needs doing -- and getting it done.

NetAction (USA)
NetAction is a national, non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public, policy makers, and the media about technology-based social and political issues. NetAction works to promote effective grassroots citizen action on the Internet. In addition to the Consumer Choice Campaign, membership dues support NetAction's Virtual Activist workshops, publication of NetAction Notes, and other programs to educate the public, policy makers and the media about technology-based social and political issues. NetAction trains activists to use the Internet as a tool for grassroots organizing, outreach, and advocacy; and create effective grassroots citizen action campaigns and coalitions that link cyberspace activists with grassroots organizations.

Tellus Institutespacer Edinburgh University Library Resources in Biological Sciences
With links to Collections in Edinburgh University Library (includes Darwin Library Guide); Internet Links; Literature Searching; Publishers; and Biology at the University of Edinburgh.

Asia-Pacific Centre for Environmental Lawspacer Asia-Pacific Centre for Environmental Law
The Asia-Pacific Centre for Environmental Law was established on 15 February 1996 by the Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore on the initiative of the Faculty of Law and the Commission on Environmental Law (CEL) of the World Conservation Union (IUCN), in collaboration with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). APCEL is situated in the Faculty of Law and supported by the National University of Singapore. APCEL was established in response to the need for capacity-building in environmental legal education and the need for promotion of awareness in environmental issues. It is currently working closely with IUCN's Commission on Environmental Law, UNEP and other institutions in several projects and programmes. There is also a very good collection of internet resources on environmental law from the UN to NGO's.

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